Let’s enjoy our communication with peel off
and stick again technics of Masking Color.

You can use it in the various scenes with Masking Color. One additional
message with Masking Color for ordinary simple presents and gifts.
Hand written message on them will promote more pleasant communication

as a new tool.
New and pleasant communication.

For your sending greetings to important person and indebted person we recommend you use this Masking Color. It will show your warm hearted and enjoying scene to them with the presents. And the recipients will keep it as it is or keep it separately peeling off the message on another places. As new way of communication, Masking Color is ideal.

Easy to draw and easy to peel off.

The compatibility of smooth surface material like as glass is best matching to Masking Color. Please draw and write freely selecting various wide color selection of Masking Color. There is no need to prepare special tools for Masking Color because of pen type system. There is nothing to worry about mistake it is easy for rewriting and change the layout by peeling off after drying.
Please write your cheerful message with playful mood on fresh material and tell your feelings.

When you wish to keep the message of gift to near your belongings please peel off it and stick on the surface of your plastic note cover. Polyvinyl resin matches with Masking Color and it is suitable to carry the message with it. To keep heartwarming message always with you it is outstanding merit of this Masking Color.