Drawing on your tableware and mug, change
your daily life with Masking Color.

Please enjoy on your tableware and mug with Masking Color decoration.
Write your name or your favorite design on your mug for the identification and
also it is fun to write the message on your family mug. There is no problem
after drying of the message. When you want to change the message easily
restored by peeling off it.

You can decorate bowls and dishes joyfully.

No soaking material is ideal matching to Masking Color. Dish, mug is very suitable. It will be nice identification to write your name or illustration on your personal belongings and write them on the other’s material for name tag. Once please try writing and when you want change or put addition it is easy to restore. Please challenge to write with cheerful mind on new materials.

Colorful and tastefully.

Please try to write your favorite illustration, name, message so on for your imagination. When you feel difficulty writing on round surface once you write on flat surface and stick it after dry. There is various writing way, for example if you want draw cat’s eye drop one black dot on plate and move it to cat’s face after dry. Dried Masking Color will not melt in the water then you can enjoy at water places.

Masking Color cannot be eaten. Please do not put in your mouth. During wash dishing sometime written Masking Color may peel off.