Easy custom-building by Masking Color and
make it your original.

You can make customization of your favorite toys and collection by your
selected color. Your lovely item will change to canvas of your free idea
expression. New way of enjoying nothing compare to the others

For your racing car model decoration.

It would be interesting to make customization of your model with original taste or speedy feeling with colorful decoration. It will produce three-dimensional shape by Masking Color special quality.
How do you think to produce your only one racing car model in the world. It can be restored by peeling off, of course.

Draw and peel off, anytime easy for remodeling.

Masking Color has good matching to smooth surface plastic and easy to write and easy to peel off. And there is nothing to warry about base plastic melting. Written Masking Color is rather sticky therefore it will not peel off easily. You can enjoy with the customized model accordingly.

Illustrated by Kota Nezu

Some dregs will remain in case of Masking Color drawing on the rough plastic surface. Some unmatching will happen on rough surface plastic when dried Masking Color sticking.