Recommendation for your car/motorbike
decoration. Dried Masking Color will be
watertight and will remain on the surface
under the normal condition.

You can enjoy the decoration on your car and motorbike. On the occasion of
special event like as wedding car decoration would be very attractive. For the
nice memory drawing some designs or one-point illustration will be fine for a
time limitation. At the time of group tour to make one-point mark on the car is

Painting decoration on unusual surface.

Drawing on the car is surprising matter, and nobody will think of it but easy drawing and easy peel off Masking Color can do it. You may draw something on the car and you may ask to your friends to write some greetings as many as they can. It will be full area of the car. Full of cheerful message it is coming from outstanding character of Masking Color.

This is the special character of Masking Color.

Not only writing the words and illustration but also painting the design is most attractive. Designing recent pattern on classic motorbike produce fresh image. Try to find best matching color for the car body.
Nothing to worry about peel off the painting, Masking Color firmly stick on the body and it is so easy to peel off by hand.

The surface of the car/motorbike is essentially strong against the water therefore color appearance is clear and steady on the surface. After complete drying the color will never melt with the water. Light resistance of Masking Color is excellent, and you can enjoy the original color for several months under the sunlight.

Color remaining will differ depend on circumstance, the suitable usage would be for six months. (It will differ by color)
Drawn materials come from another base it will be something easy to peel off. Please pay attention during you’re driving.