You can select anyplace for your writing and
dry it. Peel off from the base and stick it on
your favorite pace.

Draw on the flat place and after drying, peel off and replace the work to other
place for sticking because of character of Masking Color.
It is recommendable for drawing at inexperienced place and narrow space usages.
And also suitable for drawing at home and use it outside.

Use Let’s apply the character of peel off and stick.

Masking Color has law dripping character for vertical surface drawing like as windows/walls. But many of the user may prefer to write horizontally on the flat desks, in this case please prepare water resistance base (like as acrylic plate) and draw as many as you like. Using the typical character of Masking Color “Easy peel off and easy stick on” you can choose several spaces for sticking later after drawing.
Drawing at home and stick them at school/office this is the one of the joyful usages. Please enjoy your creativity with Masking Color.

Find your drawing wish and find suitable place for your drawing.

Create several wards and numerals and draw them at same time and store them. It may provide usages convenience by peeling off one or two for the needs of day indication of special day.
It is easy preparation and more attractive showing on the board. What is more another design, picture storage will be more fantastic infinity.

Effective art work creation.

Referring to this cat. The eyes were drawn at another place and pasted later.
You can use Masking Color character for detailed parts finishing like this.
You can produce also smiling eye, displeased eye, sleepy eye, for additional fun. Please create more wide application for your work.