Strippable Masking Color.
Make attractive sign.

Apart from ordinary blackboard sign you can make attractive sign easily on
the windows with Masking Color. It is easy strippable then you can arrange the
layout by peel off and stick again. Of course, it is easy to rewrite. You can
create your own customized zone.

Fascinating sign with new and pleasant way.

Making attractive event information and shop directory with Masking Color.
It is easy for changing layout and additional work by strippable merit.
There is nothing to worry about the layout setting and mistake in writing, you can write in cheerfully.
Even with small sign without big picture the feeling of the painter reaches to the customers.

Communication with letters and atmosphere.

Sign is not only the way of telling information but also telling way of feelings. Just with the letter of “Open” the feeling of the hospitality will promote itself. You can produce attractive handwrought sign easily with Masking Color. It would be also suitable and nice to write restaurant menu or café service. The writing is joyful work and the feeling of the writer will be seen.

Glass surface is showing better matching with Masking color. Suitable material for easy write and easy peel off. Masking Color is hard to dribble on the vertical surface therefore you can create handwritten sign easily.
The restoration is easy with the peel off quality of Masking Color.
Please enjoy the challenging.