Draw and stick on the decoration.
Easy restoration after the event.

Let’s try to use Masking Color for the decoration, Christmas, Halloween, Birthday event, Memorial celebration. More scribbling on walls, windows unusual places. You can enjoy the process of the place changing to be more delightful celebration place. It will be unforgettable memorial event drawing together.

Producing anniversary with decoration.

Christmas! How is about drawing big Christmas wreath. Decoration with your favorite items on the large size of green circle. Not only on the green circle create more fun on the surroundings. Staging the effect of Christmas present with the decoration with drawing stars, candles, bells, and your favorites on the wreath, it will promote the feeling. Enjoy nice anniversary sharing the time and place together.

Create cheerful place and atmosphere.

Heartwarming wreath with hand drawing. Decorate it with full of ribbons, false holly, ginger bread cookies and more ornaments. Enjoy drawn motifs putting on the wreath or replace them to another place. It would be fun to put the drawing on the Christmas present. Moving the big wreath from living room to private room, from entrance to inside, it is easy because of Masking Color. Everybody enjoys the usage of it. Because of Masking Color is water base paint, there is no strong hate smell then you can enjoy drawing them in the house.

Please make trial painting at hidden place first.
Some materials have hard peeling off character.