You can represent your original drawing and
stick the parts to your mobile phone.

As you like drawing pictures please challenge to big work with Masking Color.
Masking Color will provide you to make it small independent work by cutting
the part of big one. You can enjoy additional fun to put it on your mobile phone.

Take out one part from big work.

The outstanding quality of Masking Color is “peeling off” function. Applying the quality, you can produce new work method to create one work out of big work by cutting. New small works come out from big one and nothing is same at every one. They are proper work as they are and when you cut them for the size of mobile phone surface they will be another completely different original art. It is so different from direct painting to the mobile phone. This is one of the outstanding techniques of Masking Color.

Producing many works from one big drawing.

Try to draw big art with Masking Color. Using brush is recommendable to paint wide area. Paint it a little thicker it is the technique to make it easy peeling off. Try several painting techniques like as adding several layers of paint, mixing color, arrange marble painting pattern, and you will find new drawing style.
In case of your drawing setting to cut several parts from big work just create the imagination the sticking size or where to stick. It may be additional fun too.

When you stick it on your mobile phone you will find additional wonderful surprise since first step big drawing. The impression of the small art will differ depends on cutting angle and size, it is completely different from direct painting on mobile phone. Enjoy your art impression with the function of surface protection of mobile phone.

We will not take any responsibility for the functional defects caused by direct painting of Masking Color to the electronic devices/ precision instruments.