New art technique of cutting and sticking from
one big work.

Masking Color produce the possibility to change the big work to another work
by cutting and sticking. It will expand the area coverage of interior decoration
not only from art work. This is recommendable technique for the challenger in
illustration, amateur painter and especially for professional illustrator and

As a material of the work.

Producing the big work with the imagination of water and made cutting out several patterns for suitable round shape. The new sophisticated art work completed with the impression of similar art pattern but different design. This kind of decoration is unique expression of Masking Color. Depends on the situation and size of the work, it shows the possibility of high grade original new expression even in difficult situation.
Positively recommend you introduce Masking Color in your art work as new material.

As an art work and also interior decoration.

It will be exciting experience to draw big work with Masking Color. Normal usage with the bottle and using painting brush is another usage. Mixing with water, blending colors are another idea. Finding new tools as brush or hand will produce new texture. In case of peel off and sticking some thick painting is recommendable.

Cutting Masking Color is nothing difficult. Please just put ruler or pattern and slide softly with cutter. Cut designs are often offer incidental strong expression they are different from one to one designing. Please enjoy them as interior decoration.

Depend on the thickness the cutting condition will different.
In case of using cutter please avoid making scratch on the base or please find another no scratch base.