Big art work on the big window.
Masking Color will support drastic big work

Try to produce full scale of big window in front of the shop. Masking Color can
do it. Nothing to worry about restore by the reason of material limitation or
expression imitation. Masking Color can do it. Remaining impact and keep
function of attractive display Masking Color is best material method.

Challenging to courageous work with peeling off quality.

Set the big window as big canvas. Peeling off quality of Masking Color can support such a big art work. Sudden appearance of the big art work will get strong attraction and will make more persuasive power. When it appears in the shop front the attraction is outstanding and what is more it will be best chance for the artist to show the work to many people. It will be suitable to make it event for drawing procedure as live work.

Please make surface material check beforehand for unmatching painting.

Big communication with big art work.

When the window location is frontage of the shop the work will stay 24 hours and a lot of eye catching this is the extraordinal merit for the shop and for the artist. Not only communicate the information but also it will be the method to communicate the feelings, culture of the artist through the power of Masking Color. It is also available to create the work indoor.

Drawing big scale art work.

As like as the picture for general full flat painting it is recommendable to use brush or roller. Color mix and water mix will be fine for depend on the needs. By using masking tape, the sharp edge will be expressed nicely. Direct usage to the window is welcome for vertical surface because of hard dribble quality of Masking Color. After drying it is water resistance and no worrying for the rain and of course no problem for wind peeling. It remains the original color under the sun light and enjoy the work with clear color for long time.

The color clearness term will differ on the condition of environment and please regard the standard term will be six months. (It will differ by color.)