Regarding to the handling of personal information.

Regarding to the handling of personal information.

We, Taiyo Toryo company Co., Ltd. Will duly respect for inquired customers privacy and surely confirmed it is our important duty to protect received personal information.
We clearly observe the related law and we are acting to handle the information in this web site as follow;

1. Utilization.
At the time of receiving the personal information from customers, we use the information only for answering to the customer’s inquiry and corresponding, or just use the information for the purpose of needed elucidation. We never use the information without permission for any other proper purpose.

2. Offering to the third party.
We never offer nor indicate the received information to the third party except following article cases, 1) 2) 3).

1) Providing the information to our business partner or subcontractor in order to find proper answer and correspondence to customer’s inquiry and request.

2) Providing the information to the third party, the offering was confirmed prior to receiving the information.

3) In case of legal adaptation of regally approved by related law of Personal Information Protection Law. In case of receipt of transfer approval from customers,