Masking Color is water base paint
and has character of “Peel off

The paint with “Peeling off” character after drying.

Masking Color has changed completely the general concept of ordinary paint and the usage is different, it is epoch-making water base paint. It is easy to use, paint and draw at anyplace-after drying peel off it and paint again-stick it on another place-restore the place with peeling off method. Decoration on the walls and windows, decoration at event, writing in information at shop window, art work production at incredible place, decorative paint with surface protection on the metal and glass. Peeling off character will produce various possibility. There is no limitation for the usage. Grasp it and find new usage.

Repeat sticking the product.

You can peel off it after drying Masking Color. The knack to peel off finely is to paint a little bit thick. Painting on the smooth surface like as metal, glass, plastic will not harm and also on the solid wall too. Once peeled off Masking Color material can be stick on the place again. In case of it, smooth surface is better matching.

Please be careful to stick on hydrophilic material it will become hard to peel off. Please be careful of creating damage for weak base materials usage.

Handling easy water base paint.

Masking Color is handling easy water base paint. Pen shaped bottle is easy to use without special tools. The cap of Masking Color is functional as spreading spatula and peeling off scraper. Using brush or roller will produce your own taste art work. Ideal setting for easy hand-washing, less-dripping, less-smell. It will suitable for indoor/outdoor windows and walls. Mixing color is no problem between Masking Color.