Masking Color is water base paint
and has character of “Peel off

Design and craftmanship

Masking Color was born from the encounter of Taiyo Toryo Co., Ltd., professional industrial paint manufacturing company based in Tokyo and Kozeki Ryuichi, Product Designer. Attention to this water base peeling off paint diversity, the technology was already established and created the category of “Strippable Paint”, the product was not distributed in the market. Wishing to be used as many people and made regulating the ingredient, bottle designing and producing to the market with the name of “Masking Color”. Owing to high evaluation derived from epoch-making product concept and good design of high usability received the prizes as “Best 100” and “Special Award” from Good Design Committee in Japan. Furthermore, received the prize of “IF Design” from Germany, this award is top three awards in the world.

Sole manufacturing and distributor:
Taiyo Toryo Co., Ltd

The company was established in 1951 and has been specialized in professional paints manufacturing for architecture, industry, traffic, industrial area. “The power of wisdom and technology” was cultivated long time and has been producing high-grade paints. Recently offering special technology to exterior of Kabuki Theater in Ginza, structures related Olympic Games. “Masking Color” is also outstanding offer to the consumers market. Received prize from Tokyo Metropolitan Government as Tokyo Encouragement Award of Tokyo Venture Company Grand prize.

Taiyo Toryo Co., Ltd

Ryuichi Kozeki

Established own Design Office in 2011 after studied in the office of famous designer, Mr. Toshiyuki Kita. Working at general art direction exceeding from normal design field and activating to inform the essential power of project and business. Touching to Masking Color project from early stage for the planning and development. Selected to “Good Design Best 100” and received “Special Award”. And received “IF Design Award” from Germany.